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The repair of Precast Reinforced Concrete (PRC) Homes

Many PRC homes were built following the Second World War when there was an urgent need for housing at a time when traditional building materials and skilled labour were in short supply. This led to the construction of low cost ‘Non Traditional’ and easily erected properties. These houses were only ever meant to be a short-term solution to the challenge.

Tens of thousands of PRC properties still remain and structural repairs are needed because of the effect of concrete carbonation and other issues. Additionally, mortgage lenders show a reluctance to continue to lend on these properties, or to offer home insurance, leaving owners and tenants wishing to buy with few options.

CCC enable all necessary repairs to be made according to robust specifications relevant to each property, meaning that repairs should only be carried out for essential items and should not be prohibitively expensive.

Approved repairs should enhance the energy performance, extend the normal life, and improve the saleability of the property. Bad repairs can be unsafe and threaten the ability of the home owner to secure a mortgage on the property or insure it a reasonable price, if at all.